Comprehensive Endodontic Care

Conservative and Surgical Microscopic Root Canal Therapy

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While a root canal can, and often does, create a lasting fix to tooth decay and pain, sometimes they do not always heal properly or the tooth sometimes suffers additional strain and damage.  Should this happen, you are not obliged to live with the pain, but rather you can opt into an endodontic retreatment procedure.

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  • New decay forms

  • Loose or cracked crowns

  • Tooth fractures

  • Improper canal healing

Why do I need this treatment?

It can be stressful having your teeth in constant pain so we strive to make our office and operations as easy and stress-free as possible for you when you come to us.

Friendly dentistry

In essence, endodontic retreatment is performing a root canal on a tooth that has already undergone root canal surgery.  The need for retreatment can come from many things including new or worsening decay as well as improper healing from the first surgery.  Doctor Donn R Jacobs can be trusted to accurately perform all of your dental procedures.  

What is endodontic retreatment?

Easing the Pain in Your Teeth

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