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Sometimes the damage to a tooth or teeth is too severe for a root canal to properly fix.  If this happens, Dr. Donn R Jacobs will perform a root-end resectioning surgery, or apicoectomy.  This is a common procedure that has a high success rate, especially when performed with our state-of-the-art equipment.

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  • Incision made in the gum

  • Damaged tissue and root tip removed

  • Gum is sutured

  • Bone naturally heals around the root

Apicoectomy surgery

  • Slight discomfort after the surgery

  • Some swelling of the gums

  • Some pain, controllable with medication

  • Soreness until fully healed

What to expect

Using an x-ray may not always locate the source of your tooth pain.  After all other options have been exhausted, a root-end resection surgery may be the only option left to try and ease your tooth pain.  With the expert care and precision of Dr. Donn R Jacobs, you will be smiling without pain again in no time!

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